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Editions of sacred renaissance vocal music by the late Michael Procter

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Editions of sacred
renaissance music by the late Michael Procter.
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EMP0578 Byrd, William Vide Domine
SATTB £4.00
One of the most extreme of Byrd's 'Jerusalem' motets.Vide Domine is a non-liturgical text also set by other composers - including Clemens, and Jean Lafage (also published in Edition Michael Procter).
EMP0582 Gabrieli, Andrea Beata es Maria
SATBaB Motet general, Marian Feasts £3.00
Our catalogue includes many pieces by Andrea Gabrieli, whom we consider the greatest 'unknown' composer of the Renaissance. There is as yet no complete edition, and our catalogue will gradually include more of his music. Beata es Maria is a beautiful piece and a good introduction to the emotional side of his style.
EMP0583 de la Rue, Pierre Missa pro Defunctis
various Mass Propers, Requiem £6.00
Although the original cleffing clearly indicates transposition, we also offer the work here at original pitch. Some movements are in normal (SATB) clefs, while others use the rare Gamma-3 clef taking the lowest Bass voice down to bottom Bflat.
EMP0588 Tallis, Thomas Salvator mundi II
SAATB Antiphon, Exaltation of the Holy Cross (September 14) £2.50
This version is at original pitch.
EMP0597 Gabrieli, Andrea O lux beata Trinitas
SATTB Vesper Hymn, Holy Trinity to the Saturday before Advent £3.00
A setting of the Vesper Hymn for the feast of the Holy Trinity (also set for Saturday Vespers from the Saturday after the Octave of Epiphany until Quadragesima and from the Octave of Pentecost until Advent). Our standard version is a 3rd lower than the high-clef original.
EMP0598 Hoyoul, Balduin Dein ellendt hauff
SATTB Choral-Motet, Non-liturgical £4.00
Hoyoul was a pupil of Lassus who became Kapellmeister in Stuttgart. His Sacrae Cantiones are his best-known work (recorded by Hofkapelle). This is one of his German motets built on a chorale cantus firmus.
EMP0604 Gabrieli, Andrea Sic Deus dilexit mundum
SAATB Benedictus Antiphon (Lauds), Pentecost (Whitsun) £4.00
A lovely setting of 'God so loved the world.' This version is a third lower than the high clef original.
EMP0605 Gabrieli, Andrea Letare Hierusalem
SAATB Introitus, Laetare Sunday (4th Sunday in Lent) £3.00
A suitably joyful setting for the one Sunday in Lent where violet vestments are set aside.
EMP0609 Byrd, William Beati mundo corde
SSATB Communion, All Saints (November 1) £4.00
One of the loveliest of the short pieces in Byrd's great Gradualia. The text is part of the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount.This high pitch version, a tone lower than the original, has catalogue number EMP0609.
EMP0615 Byrd, William Missa 4 vocum
SATB Mass Ordinary, General Use £6.30
The mass is here transposed down a third, to a pitch suitable for mixed voices.
EMP0616 Byrd, William Missa 4 vocum
ATTB Mass Ordinary, General Use £6.30
The mass is here transposed down a fourth
EMP0619 Szamotuł, Wacław z Już się zmierzka
SATB Evening use, General Use £2.50
One of the few Renaissance pieces with a Polish text which have found their way into the repertoire. A simple but effective setting of a prayer for protection during the night
EMP0637 Daser, Ludwig Missa super Ave Maria
SSATBB Mass Ordinary, Marian Feasts £8.70
Daser was the choirmaster in Munich when Lassus joined the Bavarian Court Chapel as a tenor, putting Daser rather in the position of Salieri in Venice: a good composer unlucky enough to find himself coupled with one of world stature. Daser was offered an honourable compromise, taking the director's position in Stuttgart with a lifelong pension from the Bavarian ducal house. His music is being rediscovered, and this mass on Josquin's famous Marian piece is a very fine one.
EMP0638 Croce, Giovanni Missa 6 vocum
SSATTB Mass Ordinary £7.90
The first modern edition of Croce's only - and lovely - 6-voice mass, which survives complete in only one copy in the cathedral archive in Brescia. In that print it follows reprints of Croce's three 5-voice masses and is entitled simply 'Missa Quarta' (fourth mass). I have given it the working title Missa 6 vocum (mass for 6 voices). It is thought to be a parody mass whose model has not so far been identified. This version is a tone below original pitch.
EMP0639 Croce, Giovanni O Viri o Galilaei
SATB SATB Motet general, Ascension £4.00
A fine double-choir piece whose text has not yet been identified, but is a rhymed version of the Introit for the Ascension. Possibly a Sequence.
EMP0640 Gabrieli, Andrea Domine exaudi orationem meam (Ps. 142)
SSATTB Psalm, Penitential £4.75
The seventh Penitential Psalm, in this performing version down a third from the high clef original.
EMP0642 Croce, Giovanni Factum est silentium
SATB SATB Respond, St. Michael Archangel (September 29) £4.00
A fine setting of the highly descriptive text.
EMP0645 Croce, Giovanni Magnificat VIII Toni
SATB ATTB Vesper Canticle, General Use £4.00
From Croce's Vespertina collection of 1597. This version is a tone below original pitch.
EMP0646 Croce, Giovanni Laudate Dominum in sanctis eius Ps. 150
SATB SATB Psalm at Lauds, Easter £4.00
Croce provided settings of all five 'Cinque Laudate' psalms in his Vespertina collection. This setting of the 'other' Laudate psalm (which is also sung at the Office of the Dead) is from the Motetti 8 voci of 1594.
EMP0647 Croce, Giovanni Cantate Domino canticum novum
MATB Motet general, General Use £3.00
A simple but effective setting of verses from Ps. 95, from Croce's 4-part motets of 1597. The collection was obviously intended for 'normal' church choirs, such as the parish choir at S. Maria Formosa, where Croce was a priest. The scorings are mostly 'ad aequales', i.e. in 'close-together' clefs allowing for transposition up or down according to the singers available.
EMP0661 Byrd, William Mass propers for the Feast of SS Peter and Paul
SSATTB Mass Propers, SS Peter and Paul (June 29) £5.00
For the two feasts of St Peter, this and St Peter's Chains, Byrd provided the only 6-voice Propers in his great Gradualia - an obvious homage to the Roman Catholic Church, to which he remained loyal despite the very real dangers for Catholics in England at the time. The music is grand, as befits its intention.
EMP0663 Croce, Giovanni Missa Secunda tertii toni
TrMAABa Mass Ordinary £6.30
The second of three short masses for five voices published in 1596, which were reprinted together with a fourth, for 6 voices, in 1599. This is our standard version, a 4th below the original pitch
EMP0686 Cosset, Francois Missa Exultate Deo
SATB Mass Ordinary, General Use £5.00
One of three French masses added to our catalogue in summer 2006. Cosset worked mainly at Reims. His masses are counted among the best of the period. This setting, on an unknown model, is in a transitional style hinting at the baroque.
EMP0687 de Bournonville, Jean Missa Ave maris stella
SATB Mass Ordinary, General Use £4.75
One of three French masses added to our catalogue in summer 2006. De Bournonville worked mainly in Amiens, but near the end of his life was appointed to the Sainte Chapelle, an appointment reflecting the high regrad in which he was held. His masses are counted among the best of the period. This setting, a paraphrase mass on the Marian Vesper hymn, is lovely. At present the Credo is not included, due to limited time with the source, but it will be added as soon as possible.
EMP0688 Dagneaux, Pierre Missa Vox exultationis
SATB Mass Ordinary, General Use £6.00
One of three French masses added to our catalogue in summer 2006. No other music by Dagneaux is known, and the only information on him is provided by the preface to the original print of this mass in 1666. He was director of music at the church of St. Magloire at Pontorson, Brittany.This setting, based on an unidentified motet, is obviously of the early baroque. It is written almost entirely in quavers and semiquavers and with experimental chromaticisms.
EMP0689 Byrd, William 8 motets for male voices
ATTBB £14.30
An anthology of pieces intended for male voices. It includes several of the 'Jerusalem' or political motets. The works represented are: Emendemus in melius (1575), Ne irascaris Domine, Vide Domine, Tribulationes civitatum and Domine tu jurasti (1589), Domine exaudi orationem meam and Haec dicit Dominus (1591) and Unam petii (1605). Most of these are not available in modern performing editions (except in our catalogue).
EMP0691 Byrd, William Missa 4 vocum
ATBB Mass Ordinary, General Use £6.30
The mass is here transposed down a fifth, the pitch at which our editor considers it rightly belongs. This version has the top voice in Treble (Violin) cleff, two octave-Treble ('Tenor') clefs and Bass clef.
EMP0693 Verdelot, Philippe In te Domine speravi.
SATBaB Respond, Unidentified £4.00
A powerful motet with two simultaneous texts, which survives in very differing and probably corrupt forms. My edition is based on the Psalmorum selectarum...1553-4, whereas the version in the Complete Works (CMM28) is drawn from a Roman manuscript in which the voice carrying the second text is transmitted erroneously. The principal text is of course Verses of Psalm 30; the secondary text 'Divitias et paupertates' is part of the respond Verbum iniquum. This text is presented in different prolations in the two halves of the piece, and is thus 'isorhythmic,' by the time of composition an antiquated device.
EMP0695 Brumel, Antoine Sicut lilium
SATB Antiphon, Assumption BVM (August 15) £2.50
This short but beautiful piece by Brumel is a setting of a text from the Song of Songs: As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters. The piece exists in several variant versions. The present edition is taken from the Medici Codex, a splendid choirbook produced under the supervision of Jean Mouton.
EMP0696 Tallis, Thomas Suscipe quaeso Domine
SSAATBB Penitential £5.00
Presumed to have been composed to celebrate the lifting of the national excommunication of England upon the accession of Catholic Queen Mary, and to have been sung by the combined Chapels Royal of England and Spain, this is an eloquent, sombre and moving piece. Here it is transposed up a third to be more accessible to mixed choirs.
EMP0697 Croce, Giovanni Missa Tertia octavi toni
SATTB Mass Ordinary £6.30
The third of the short masses for five voices published in 1596, which were reprinted together with a fourth, for 6 voices, in 1599.
EMP0698 Anonymous Veni, veni Emanuel
Procession, Advent £2.50
A charming two-voice setting of the familiar chant, discovered by Dr Mary Berry in a small processional used by nuns in the 15th century, now in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris.
EMP0699 Croce, Giovanni Missa Prima sexti toni
SATTB Mass Ordinary £6.00
The second of three short masses for five voices published in 1596, which were reprinted together with a fourth, for 6 voices, in 1599.
EMP0709 Byrd, William Mass Propers for the Feast of Christmas and Office Music for Christmastide
SATB Mass Propers, Christmas £6.00
It is with this splendid collection of Christmastide music that Byrd's second book of Gradualia opens. It includes the complete Propers for the principal (third) mass of Christmas Day, which are used throughout the Octave, together with settings of Hodie Christus natus est (Magnificat Antiphon), O magnum misterium/Beata Virgo (Matins Respond) and O admirabile commercium (Magnificat Antiphon for the Circumcision (Jan. 1)).
EMP0714 Hassler, Hans Leo Verbum caro factum est
SSATTB Motet general, Christmas £3.00
A splendid 6-voice setting
EMP0717 Byrd, William Gradualia 05 In Festo Purificationis (BMV)
SMATB Mass Propers, Purification BVM, Candlemas, Presentation of Christ (February 2) £7.10
It is with this collection of pieces that Byrd's first book of Gradualia opens. These are the Propers for the Mass of the Purification: Suscepimus (versions for Introit and Gradual, with the Antiphon reused), Alleluia: Senex puerum and Tract: Nunc Dimittis (for when the Feast falls after Septuagesima), Offertory: Diffusa est gratia and Communion: Responsum accepit Simeon. Diffusa est gratia is reused from its position as Gradual verse for the Feasts of the Annunciation and Assumption, but Byrd omits to set the final phrase or to provide a perfect cadence, which the editor has provided.