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Editions of sacred renaissance vocal music by the late Michael Procter

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Editions of sacred
renaissance music by the late Michael Procter.
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EMP0266 Willaert, Adrian Victimae Paschali
SSATTB Sequence, Easter £4.75
Now in Sibelius version available at different pitches: the original is G-Dorian, i.e. high clefs. A magnificent and very powerful piece.
EMP0271 Anonymous Mass of the Cyprus MS (Turin J.II.9)
SST/SAT Mass Ordinary, Summer Bob Mitchell Manuscript edition £6.00
The only cyclic mass in the well-known Cypriot manuscript, now in the library at Turin. from possibly as early as 1410. This edition was commissioned for the first Schola Polyphonica summer school in Cyprus in July 1994 and performed at Ayia Kyriaki, Paphos.
EMP0272 de Lafage, Jean Vide Domine
SATB Motet general, Penitential £4.00
This powerful and moving piece is transmitted anonymously in Georg Rhau's Wittenberg anthology 'Symphoniae iucundae' of 1538. I have been able to establish a concordance for the piece and identify the composer as Jean de la Fage. He was probably trained before the beginning of the 16th century, and thus may have been born about 1475. One of his motets is attributed to Mouton, so that his style was recognised as assured and accomplished.
EMP0273 Byrd, William Missa 4 vocum
SATB Mass Ordinary, General Use £6.30
The well-known 'Mass for four voices' is a high-clef piece and is available at various pitches (here a semitone lower than the original). The Editor considers the piece should be sung down a fourth or a fifth by ATTB/ATBaB.
EMP0274 Croce, Giovanni In spiritu humilitatis
SATB SATB Motet general, Penitential £4.00
This very beautiful piece by Giovanni Croce is a setting of one of the Antiphons sung on the first Sunday in Lent (AM 342) - but also part of the prayer spoken by the Priest during the Offertory of the Mass. The text is thus of a penitential character: With humble spirits and contrite hearts may we be accepted by Thee, O Lord: and may our sacrifice be such that it be acceptable to Thee this day, and be pleasing to Thee, O Lord God. The piece was printed in a collection published by Grandi, Motetti a cinque voci (sic) in 1620.
EMP0280 Gabrieli, Andrea Emendemus in melius
SAATTB Respond, Invocabit Sunday (1st Sunday in Lent) £3.00
A wonderful setting of the text familiar from Byrd's setting, also suitable for general penitential use. Our standard version is a third lower than the original high cleffing.
EMP0287 Byrd, William Mass propers for the Feast of Mary, Mother of God (January 1st)
SSATB Mass Propers, Mary, Mother of God (January 1) £5.00
The Feast of Mary, Mother of God, is celebrated on January 1st, replacing the Circumcision. The Feast was of course unknown in Byrd's Day but the Proper is all in the Gradualia and has been assembled here by Michael Procter, just as Byrd intended should be done for other Marian feasts.
EMP0289 Merulo, Claudio Ego sum panis
SATTB Motet general, Corpus Christi £3.00
A motet from Sacrae Cantiones, 1578: originally for Corpus Christi, very suitable for Communion: it has a wonderfully open texture with long melismatic lines, and a beautiful final Alleluia. A high clef piece, here offered down a fourth.
EMP0290 Merulo, Claudio O adoranda Trinitas
SATTB Motet general, Holy Trinity £3.00
The text of this lovely piece is a variant of a Hymn (Chevalier II, 174, no. 12634) for the Feast of Holy Trinity. It shares with 'Ego sum panis' from the same collection (Sacrae Cantiones, 1578) an openness of texture and a melismatic style, here combined with telling use of late Renaissance semi-homophony. A high clef piece, here offered down a fourth.
EMP0291 de Monte, Philippe Laudate Dominum
SMABa SATB Psalm-Motet, General Use £4.00
A splendid double-choir setting
EMP0296 Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da Lamentations III (Thur.)
various Lesson (Lesung), In Cena Domini (Maundy Thursday, Gründonnerstag) £7.10
The three readings for the first Nocturn at Tenebrae (Matins) of Maundy Thursday from Palestrina's third set of Lamentations. I Incipit Aleph (SSATB), II Vau Et egressus (SATTB), III Jod Manum suum (SSATTB)
EMP0298 Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da Lamentations III (Sat.)
various Lesson (Lesung), Holy Saturday (Easter Eve)(Karsamstag) £7.10
II Heth (SAATB), II Aleph (SATTB), III Oratio (SSATTB)
EMP0302 Philips, Peter Ecce vicit Leo
SATB SATB Motet general, Easter £4.00
EMP0307 Tallis, Thomas Salvator mundi I and II
SATBaB Penitential £4.00
Both settings of this text, together with a transposition of the second version to make it more suitable for mixed voices.
EMP0309 Tallis, Thomas Suscipe quaeso Domine
SATTBaBB Penitential £5.00
Presumed to have been composed to celebrate the lifting of the national excommunication of England upon the accession of Catholic Queen Mary, and to have been sung by the combined Chapels Royal of England and Spain, this is an eloquent, sombre and moving piece.
EMP0316 Victoria, Tomas Luis de Ne timeas Maria
SATB Motet general, Annunciation (March 25) £3.00
A simple yet very beautiful piece.
EMP0317 Walter, Johann Ein feste Burg
SATB Choral-Motet, Non-liturgical £2.50
EMP0318 Walter, Johann 2 Chorales/Zwei Choräle
SATB Choral-Motet, Non-liturgical £3.00
Aus tieffen Not; Erbarm dich mein
EMP0320 Willaert, Adrian Missa Mente tota (without Credo)
ATTBaBB Mass Ordinary, General Use £8.70
As far as we know this is the only modern edition of the piece, a parody on part of Josquin's Vultum tuum.
EMP0321 Willaert, Adrian Ave maris stella
SAATTB Vesper Hymn, Marian Feasts £4.00
EMP0326 Anonymous Clangat tuba
ATB Motet general, St Thomas à Becket (December 29) £3.00
A piece in honour of St Thomas a Becket (December 29th) prepared for Michael's New Year course at St Odile.
EMP0327 Anonymous Responsum acceperat Simeon
SMATBaB Respond, Purification BVM, Candlemas, Presentation of Christ (February 2) £5.00
This splendid piece, some eight and a half minutes in length, is attributed to Josquin in the only printed source - Cantiones septem, sex et quinque vocum... Augsburg, M. Kriesstein, 1545 (RISM 1545/3 reprint 1546/5)- but the attribution has been rejected on stylistic grounds. It is nonetheless a fine piece and well worth singing.
EMP0328 Anonymous Alma Redemptoris Mater
chant Marian Antiphon, Advent and Christmastide (until Purification) Chant notation (St. Meinrad) £2.50
This edition of the antiphon is a new transcription of the chant as given in the Hartker ms (St. Gall 390-391). It differs considerably from the official Vatican Edition (Antiphonale Monasticum) which claims to be based on the same source.
EMP0329 Croce, Giovanni Missa Percussit Saul mille
SATB SATB bc Mass Ordinary, General Use £9.50
A magnificent mass, a parody on Croce's own motet. Our standard version (EMP0869) is a tone lower than the high-clef original (as here) but omits the 'Partidura' included in this version. The piece is available at other pitches, with or without the two-part 'Partidura', the original continuo or director's part.
EMP0330 Croce, Giovanni Percussit Saul mille
SATB SATB Respond, Sunday after Pentecost £4.00
A splendid double-choir piece, with the text 'Saul slew his thousands but David his ten thousands.' Model for the grand parody mass. This standard version is a tone lower than the high-clef original.
EMP0331 Croce, Giovanni Omnes gentes
SATB SATB Motet general, Ascension £4.00
A magnificent double-choir setting of the familiar Ascensiontide text.
EMP0334 Croce, Giovanni Stabat Mater
SATB SATB Sequence, Seven Sorrows of Mary (Maria perdolens), (September 15) £2.50
Simple faburden/'Anglican chant' setting
EMP0344 Finck, Heinrich Festum nunc celebre
SATB Hymn, Ascension £3.00
EMP0345 Finck, Heinrich Wedding Mass 1511
SATTBaB Mass Ordinary Reiner Schneider-Waterberg £11.10
Missa O Venus bant, also known as Missa In Summis, composed for the wedding of Ulrich von Württemberg and Sabine von Bayern
EMP0347 Gabrieli, Andrea De profundis clamavi (Ps. 129)
SAATBB Psalm, Penitential £4.00
The sixth Penitential Psalm (Ps. 129)
EMP0348 Gabrieli, Andrea Domine exaudi orationem meam (Ps. 101)
SSATTB Psalm, Penitential £6.00
The fifth Penitential Psalm (Ps. 101)
EMP0350 Gabrieli, Andrea Domine ne in furore (Ps. 6)
SMATBaB Psalm, Penitential £4.75
The first Penitential Psalm (Ps. 6) transposed down a fourth for male voices
EMP0366 Lassus, Roland de (Orlandus Lassus, Orlando di Lasso) Missa Congratulamini
SSATTB Mass Ordinary, Easter £7.90
A very fine mass built on Lassus' own Eastertide motet.
EMP0371 Lassus, Roland de (Orlandus Lassus, Orlando di Lasso) Melancholia: Sprüche von Leben und Tod/Aphorisms on Life and Death (Op. Posth.)
SSATTB £11.90
Recently identified as a cycle, and recorded for Christophorus by the Ensemble Hofkapelle. A remarkable set of 13 acerbic, pointed, witty, wry and somewhat melancholy observations on the pointlessness of human life and the need for Grace. These virtuoso pieces, vocal chamber music, are also available separately.
EMP0372 Lassus, Roland de (Orlandus Lassus, Orlando di Lasso) Melancholia: 01. Unus Dominus
SSATTB £3.00
EMP0373 Lassus, Roland de (Orlandus Lassus, Orlando di Lasso) Melancholia: 02. Fratres qui gloriatur
SSATTB £3.00